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DIGITECH QM1566 AC/DC Clamp Meter


DIGITECH QM1566 AC/DC Clamp Meter

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This product is discontinued.

The replacement product is the DigiTech QM1632 AC/DC Clamp Meter.



The DIGITECH QM1566 AC/DC clamp meter features excellent true RMS, a large, easily read display and carries an IP67 environmental rating. This means the multi-meter is waterproof and will not be damaged if accidentally dropped into water or left out in the rain.

Housed in a robust, double molded case and ships with leads, soft carry case and a printed user manual.

Key features : 

    • Auto-ranging
    • Relative mode
    • Diode test
    • Audible continuity
    • Data hold
    • Min/max mode
    • Auto power-off
    • Jaw opening 40mm
    • Temperature probe
    • Carrying case

    We also stock alligator clip leads (for the multi-meter) and the fuses for this product. Just contact us if you require these additions or custom cables for your diagnostics project.

    Display: 6000 count
    Category: Cat III 600V
    Basic accuracy: 0.80%
    Range V/DC: 600mV - 600V
    Range V/AC: 6 - 600V
    Range A/AC: 600 - 1000A
    Range A/DC: 600 - 1000A
    Range resistance: 600R - 60M
    Range temperature: -20 - 760°C (-4 - 1400°F)
    Range capacitance: 40nF - 4000µF
    Range frequency: 10Hz - 10kHz
    True RMS
    Dimensions: 232(H) x 77(W) x 39(D)mm

    Ideal for electrical fitters and contractors working with high currents, this meter will read up to 1000A AC or DC. You will be able to easily measure loads on hot water cylinder cables and even high voltage DC solar cables feeding to PV charge controllers / Inverters.


    Additional Specifications :
    Meter Display
    Display Type LCD
    Display Backlight LED Backlit
    Meter Safety Rating
    Safety Rating Cat Cat III
    Safety Rating Max Volt 600V
    Measures Voltage DC
    DC Voltage Ranges 600mV
    DC Voltage Accuracy 0.5%
    Measures Voltage AC
    AC Voltage Ranges 600mV
    AC Voltage Accuracy 1.5%
    Measures Current DC
    DC Current Ranges 600A
    DC Current Accuracy 2%
    Measures Current AC
    AC Current Ranges 600A
    AC Current Accuracy 2.5%
    Measures Resistance
    Resistance Ranges 6kΩ
    Resistance Accuracy 3%
    Measures Capacitance
    Capacitance Ranges 6nF
    Capacitance Accuracy 2.5%
    Measures Frequency
    Frequency Ranges 6kHz
    Frequency Accuracy 1.2%
    Measures Temperature
    Measures in Celsius
    Measures in Fahrenheit
    Celsius Temperature Range -20°C-1000°C
    Temperature Accuracy 3%
    Digital Multi-Meter
    Meter Data Control
    Data Hold
    Relative Measure
    Records Minimum
    Records Maximum
    Clamp Sensor
    Clamp opening space 40mm
    Casing Plastic
    Carry Case Included
    Measures diode
    Meter Input Impedance 10Ω
    Power from disposable battery
    Battery type 9V
    Battery Pack Quantity 1pc
    Are batteries included
    Batteries can be replaced
    Battery compartment location Back
    How is battery compartment kept closed Clip
    Item length 230mm
    Item Width 76mm
    Item depth 40mm

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