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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


Q : Where are goods dispatched from :

A : Christchurch, New Zealand


Q : Shipping Options (Carrier)

A : Within New Zealand we arranging shipping via Courier Post.

A : Outside of New Zealand orders are dispatched via FedEx.


Solar Panels Roof 


Q: Return Policy

 A : If you order something by mistake, we will provide a 70% refund on returned goods, provided it is returned to us in new condition (unopened).

A : If your goods have suffered some sort of manufacturing defect(s), then we will either refund the price of those goods 100% or replace the goods with non-defective goods. 


 Voltaic Array Motorcycle GoPro


Q : Do we offer consultation services for projects

A : Yes


Q : Do we offer custom development, fabrication of electronics

A : Yes


Q : Do we offer custom length cables with ferrule crimped ends?

A : Yes


Q : Do we offer short run or single unit customised cables / accessories

A : Probably. The answer will depend on your requirements;  contact us to discuss.