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About Us

Solar Panels New Zealand is a shop which provides high quality solar products. Located in Christchurch we import quality products from all over the world.


Whether you are looking for a way to charge your phone on the move, seeking solar panels to power a manufacturing facility or something in between simply contact us for assistance with your project.


Celebrating more than 10 years in business we are ready to assist you with guidance, assembly, installation and custom electronics to make completing your projects as easy as possible. We stand behind all our products and our team has significant experience with our product range being used within New Zealand and in many other parts of the world.


All products we offer are sourced through official channels and we officially represent these products within New Zealand. As such, any product purchased from us features the manufacturer’s warranty.


In terms of solar panels, we are even able to arrange fabrication of custom sized panels as required for a specific project. For example if you need a panel to fit a specific location on your boat and it all has to be marine grade let us know how we can help.


We offer consultation and offer a wide range of solar solutions relating to the following :

  •  Vehicles :
      • RV's, cars, trucks, vans, marine vehicles, e-Bikes, and other electric transport, etc.
  • Industry :
      • Manufacturing, R&D, building, security, transport, lighting, photography, security etc.
  • Commercial :
      • Grid Tie, off grid, recharge stations for drones, lighting, backup-power, security etc.
  • Home :
      • Grid-tie, off grid, small scale charging (laptops, phones, fridge, lighting), etc.
  • Portable :
      • Back packing solutions (laptops, phones, sat-phone, lighting, water purification, etc).
  • DIY and Hobby :
      • Trains, drones, watering systems, water fountains, weather stations, and various other projects. We love hearing about your next project and how we are able to assist or learning about what you have built using equipment we have supplied.

Reach out to us today and let us know about your projects. We are ready to assist you with sound advice as well as custom electronics and quality hardware components  for your projects.