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18650 Rechargeable Solar Lantern Arc10W Foldable Kit

Solar Panels New Zealand

18650 Rechargeable Solar Lantern Arc10W Foldable Kit

$165.00 + GST
15% GST within NZ: $189.75

This portable kit is powered by a single Voltaic Systems Arc10W Solar Folder

Just connect the included Fenix CL26R LED USB Rechargeable Lantern to the 5V USB output on the Arc10W and you will charging your lantern for use in the night.

The CL25R Lantern also doubles as an USB 18650 battery charger. The Arc8W also supports charging most USB rechargeable devices such as your mobile phone, tablet, GoPro, and much more.


Items included :


Details of the Fenix CL25R 18650 Powered Lantern

This Micro-USB rechargeable lantern may be recharged via any USB power source. The Fenix CL26R also doubles as an 18650 USB battery charger. Which makes it an ideal addition to your bug out bag, camping kit or vaping setup.

Easy to pack due to the compact size and weight, all in a cold-resistant structure.


Details of the Voltaic Arc 10W Folding Solar Panel

Light yet powerful, the Arc 10W Folding Solar Panel will power your gear wherever adventure takes you. The solar panel is coated with ETFE, which gives it durability for lots of sunny days and extreme weather.


 Note : phones, tablets, bags, tents, people, places, and other items shown in images are for usage illustration and are not included for sale with this kit.

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