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Voltaic Arc 10W Folding Solar Charger


Voltaic Arc 10W Folding Solar Charger

$75.00 + GST $95.00
15% GST within NZ: $86.25

Charge your smartphone, GoPro, tablet, DSLR cameras and much more directly from the sun with the new Arc 10W solar charger! This versatile and compact solar folder is coated with ETFE, meaning that it's strong and much highly UV resistant ; providing you with a fast and consistent charge longer.

Keep it folded in your pack while you're deep in the woods and pull it out just in time to soak up that afternoon sun.

The Voltaic Systems V15 and V44 universal USB batteries will interface directly with the Arc 10W so you can soak up the sun during the day, which will allow recharging of your devices whenever suites you.

The rugged Arc 10W Solar Charger powers your smartphone, camera, and other USB devices directly and quickly from the sun. Featuring in-built USB charging auto reset system to deal with clouds during charging.


Bags, phones, people, other equipment and places shown in pictures are not included. They are provided to illustrate the usage examples of the Arc10W USB solar charger.


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