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Powering Time-lapse Setups

There are many ways to shoot time lapse sequences. As you increase the complexity of your setup and add equipment such as motion controllers, tablets, computers, and motors you may find that you require more power than is easily carried to a remote location, particularly if it is a time lapse shot which takes hours, days, weeks or months.

time laps rig

So when there is no AC outlet you are going to require one or more batteries that can handle the load. We offer a wide range of batteries. Of particular interest should be the Voltaic Systems V72 which features the ability to chain multiple batteries together to extend run time and which is also easy power via solar panels. For smaller projects, the Voltaic Systems V15 or V44 are also excellent options. 

In the event that these off the shelf solutions are not a good match, we also offer a wide range of custom setups and with assistance from our trusted partners we even offer ready to record solutions which are tested and shipped out to you for a specific project.

time laps equipment

We also offer basic battery extenders for GoPro equipment to be powered from the Mains, larger external batteries and of course solar panels.

To make things easy we also offer cases for transport and storage of equipment. As an official Pelican reseller we offer top quality cases with a life time warranty and if required we offer customisation of your case including custom inserts and more extensive modifications such as power leads, glands and much more.

 To learn more about the way Voltaic Systems equipment may be used for time laps setups, take a look at this story from the USA.

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