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Charging Batteries

There are many approaches to charging batteries. In particular there are various approaches to charging batteries from solar panels.

All Voltaic Systems (NYC) batteries feature various protection systems


Voltaic Systems (NYC) : Over Charge Protection


Voltaic Systems (NYC) : Short Circuit Protection


In terms of dedicated lead acid battery charge controllers, there are many different kinds of charge controllers. Two popular approaches are PWM (pulse width modulation) and MPPT (maximum power point tracking). 

In some setups, the additional cost of MPPT may provide benefits in terms of minimising the charge time or making the most of the solar panel’s current in terms of charging the battery.

Contact us if you need assistance with regards deciding which approach to take. There are various factors around price and setup which will determine a good way to move forward.

Finally, whenever batteries are connected to any kind of system, remember to have fuses as part of the setup. All Voltaic Systems universal batteries have auto reset fuses to protect the batteries and connected equipment. Any kind of system you are building yourself should always have fuses as a basic safety measure.

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