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YZXstudio USB 3.0 Power Monitor Voltage and Current Meter


YZXstudio USB 3.0 Power Monitor Voltage and Current Meter

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----------------------- THIS PRODUCT IS DISCONTINUED -----------------------

The latest iteration of this product, is purely focused USB-C.

The latest version is compact and feature rich. and  offers support for both

QC (quick charge) and PD (power delivery) : YZXstudio PD USB-C


This is a feature-rich USB 3.0 Power Monitor (compatible with USB 2.0 ports as well). It gives you real time readings of the voltage, current and cumulative amp-hour and watt-hour statistics

  • High Resolution TFT display
  • Voltage and Current Calibration (against say a presision multi-meter)
  • Adjustable auto off backlight
  • Idle current consumption: ~6mA (with blank screen)
  • Current shunt resistance: 10mOhm
  • Overall circuit resistive loss: ~40mOhm (excluding USB connectors)
  • Memory: FRAM, good for 10 billion write cycles
  • Memory operation mode so that when power is restored you can read off information relating to accumulated data such as mAh etc.
  • Input voltage: DC 3.5V-24V
  • Input current: + - 3A
  • Overall circuit resistive loss: ~ 42mOhm (including contact resistance on USB connectors)

This updated black version offers al the fantastic features of the famous blue edition, plus adds support for quick charge, a colour screen, microUSB input, USB-C input, USB-C output and tempature monitoring.




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