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WSKEN X1 Pro Magnetic Cable for iPhone / iPad


WSKEN X1 Pro Magnetic Cable for iPhone / iPad

$24.99 + GST $29.00
15% GST within NZ: $28.74



DUE to SUPPLY CHAIN ISSUES PLEASE CONTACT US FOR AVAILABILITY OF THIS PRODUCT. WE do offer a fully compatible product if you have already invested in tips and cables from the X1 or X1 Pro Magnetic Cable Series. See the fully compatible KUULAA cables which we are able to offer if the WSKEN X1 or X1 Pro is out of stock.


The WSKEN range of magnetic cables make connecting to your device safe, quick and reliable. This WSKEN  cable includes a tip of your choice. Availble in 1.2M length cable and 2.0M length cable

  • Lighting tip is designed for use with Apple phones, tablets and iPods
  • The MicroUSB and USB-C tips are designed for use with Samsung phones, tablets and other devices which feature a MicroUSB or USB-C connector
  • Supports Samsung quick charging when used with appropriate USB power source. Upto 3.0A charging current when charging quick charging supported Samsung devices.
  • High speed charging of iOS and other devices which use the Apple Lightning connection when used with appropriate USB power source. Upto 2.4A charging current for iOS devices.


Kindly note that due to supply chain issues, there are sometimes delays with delivery. We will be in touch if such delays will affect your order.

Also, please note that this cable ships with a single tip (which you specify when placing an order). We are also able to supply tips as required. Just contact us and let us know what you are seeking. If you require any help with selecting the appropriate cable / tip type for your device just reach out.

Contact us with any questions.









Note : The phones and other equipment shown in the images is for clarity and usage examples and is not included with the purchase of this cable.





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