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Wetta WettaJet Power Washer


Wetta WettaJet Power Washer

$28.00 + GST
15% GST within NZ: $32.20

Harnessing a known hydraulic fact that when you concentrate water flow into
a small outlet you get higher velocity. This power washer lance does this through two handy brass nozzles (one for a narrow power jet, and one using a fan shaped sweeping stream).

Easy control via the industrial ball valve with easy handle on / off – a great addition for washing boats, bikes and cars and of course solar panels. Works very well well with WettaFlex non-kink 12mm hose.

  • Easily connects to garden hose
  • Increased concentration of water vs hose nozzles and guns
  • Concentrates water flow into a narrow jetstream or fan spray
  • Controllable water flow

The WettaJet offers increased concentration of water (compared with hose nozzles and guns). The narrow jetstream or fan spray allows cleaning with water pressure.

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