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USB Mini Light

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USB Mini Light

$2.60 + GST
15% GST within NZ: $2.99

The tiny USB Mini Light is a handy companion to any USB battery pack, wall wart, laptop or car adapter. Don't let its size fool you, the six LED's are bright. Simply touch the pad on the back of the light to turn on and off. Dim the brightness by holding the the touch pad until you reach the desired brightness, either while turning on or turning off.


The USB connection is reversible.


Usage Instructions : 

To turn on and off

  • Touch the pad on the USB Mini Light to turn on
  • Touch the pad again to turn off

To change the brightness

  • Hold your finger on the pad until you reach your desired brightness
  • Brightness level will be remembered for the next use. When the light is turned off and on again, the brightness will return to the intermediate level you previously chose provided USB power is not disconnected.
  • Reset the brightness by holding the pad until the power turns off.


Specifications :


  • 12mm x 43mm x 2.5mm


  • 29 grams


Compatibility :

  • Works with any USB port on a battery pack, computer, phone charger, etc.

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