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USB 5V Regulator for Solar Panel


USB 5V Regulator for Solar Panel

$15.00 + GST
15% GST within NZ: $17.25

Charge your cell phone, tablet, GoPro or other USB device directly from one or more Voltaic 6 Volt solar panels without any battery in between.

This USB regulator connects securely to any Voltaic 6 Volt solar panel and outputs 5 Volts to a female USB port. Use any USB charging cable between the regulator and your device. For consistent charging of smartphones, we recommend pairing with the Voltaic 6 Watt or 9 Watt panel.

The Voltaic Systems range of solar panels are  modular, which makes it easy to connect multiple panels together if additional current is required. Simply use Y connectors or circuit boxes and there are a range of panel edge mounts to ensure plenty of current is available for your USB device(s).

It also possible join panels together or panel corner mounts to make attaching the panels as easy as possible. We also offer magnetic attachments and zip tie attachments which connect to the feet of the solar panels and are perfect for securing panels in different ways.


Specifications :

  • Input Dimensions = 3.5x1.1mm jack compatible with Voltaic solar panels
  • Output Dimensions = USB A Female
  • Input Voltage = 5-8V
  • Output Voltage = 5.1V
  • Efficiency = 90%


Note : The iPhone and charging cable and solar panel are shown for illustrative purposes and are not included with this product. Colour may also be different than shown in picturs.


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