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NiteCore F1 USB Battery Charger and Power Bank


NiteCore F1 USB Battery Charger and Power Bank

$30.00 + GST $45.00
15% GST within NZ: $34.50


The closest item we now offer is the Fenix ARE-X2



Use this charger to recharge batteries, directly from solar panels such as the Voltaic Systems 8W Arc solar folder, Voltaic Systems Universal Batteries or other USB power sources. Add a 18650 battery to your cart to turn this battery charger into a USB battery bank.

Full Product Details

Outdoor NiteCore F1 New Zealand

NiteCore F1 Data New Zealand

If you are seeking a complete solar kit including F1 18650 Charger, 18650 battery and USB solar folder then we have you covered.

Solar Charging 18650 with the NiteCore F1 New Zealand

18650 battery capacity with NiteCore F1 New Zealand

Ultimate Flexibility for Outdoor Adventure with the NiteCore F1 New Zealand

Compact and Lightweight Perfect for keeping your pack as light as possible NiteCore F1 New Zealand

Gold Plated Connectors NiteCore F1 New Zealand

Automated battery detection for ultimate flexibility NiteCore 18650 Battery Bank New Zealand

Battery bank remaining capacity status, voltage status reporting and real time monitoring during the battery charging cycle NiteCore F1 New Zealand

Built in battery and safety portion for 18650 batteries during charging and discharging NiteCore F1 New Zealand

NiteCore F1 USB Charger and Battery Bank Secure 18650 and RCR123 batteries within the F1

NiteCore F1 Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications :

COMPATIBLE WITH : 26650/18650/17670/18490/17500/17335/16340(RCR123)/14500/10440

INPUT : DC 5V, ≥500mA

OUTPUT : 4.2V±1% (slot)/5V±5% (USB), 1000mA MAX (slot)/1000mA (USB)

Weight : Less than 31 grams without battery installed.

Dimensions : 87.2mm x 24mm x 29.3mm 


Note : Batteries, backpacks, electronics and cables shown in images are not included and are intended for usage example and enhanced product explantion.

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