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Electronic High Power Frequency Shift Pest Repeller (Ultrasonic)

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Electronic High Power Frequency Shift Pest Repeller (Ultrasonic)

$42.00 + GST $45.00
15% GST within NZ: $48.30

This Ultrasonic Pest Repeller uses frequency shifting techniques which may prevent pests from developing an immunity. The device has an output of 140dB that can protect up to 260 square metres. The repeller may be effective against mice, rats, roaches, fleas, flies, crickets, silverfish, waterbugs, moths, ants, spiders and most other common pests. The ultrasonic frequencies used are out of the hearing range of humans and most household pets such as cats, dogs, fish & birds etc. We make no guarantees that this device will solve your particular problem, but there are thousands of people who swear by them. Supplied with mains plug pack and installation guide.


Height 75mm



The adapter provided 9V DC. We are able to offer battery packs and converters to run from DC power rather than mains power. Please contact us for installation / ordering information. This can be useful if you are installing multiple units with cupboard lighting or under desks in kitchen. We are also able to assist with motion detection alerts to your smart phone with some additional equipment, if you need to be notified of movement of mice / rats within an area at night (hospitality, restruaunts etc). Please contact us for additional information regarding your commercial installations and how we may help with motion sensors and CCTV as required to protect refridgerators and food storage areas (including warehouses).

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