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Voltaic 9 Watt Solar Panel


Voltaic 9 Watt Solar Panel

$120.00 + GST
15% GST within NZ: $138.00

The Voltaic Systems 9 Watt, 6 Volt panel is designed for applications with high drain USB devices. If you require faster charging of batteries, then it is easy to add on additional panels as required using the Voltaic Systems Y-adapter cables and Voltaic Systems solar panel edge clips for rapid charging even in when you have overcast conditions.

Size and Weight

  • 220 x 255 x 5mm (8.7 x 10.1 x 0.2 in)
  • 360g (12.75oz)


  • Monocrystalline cells - 19% efficient
  • Open Circuit Voltage: 7.0V
  • Peak Voltage: 6.0V
  • Peak Current: 1500mA
  • Peak Power: 9.0 Watts


  • Urethane coating
  • 3mm Aluminum/Plastic composite substrate

Mounting and Cables

  • Four screws on back corners of panel allow multiple mounting options
  • Output cable is 8.5 inches, 22cm long and has 3.5x1.1mm plug

*Output Description

  • Panel output is computed based on cell manufacturer's data assuming 0% reduction of cell efficiency after packaging of cell strings. Electrical output tolerance +/- 10%. Under irradiance of 100 mW/cm2, absolute air mass of 1.5, at 25 °C, as per cell manufacturer's specifications.
  • For maximum power output, orient the panels towards the sun. When not angled towards the sun, output will be reduced.

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