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USB power banks, SLA and AGM batteries ; SPNZ offers a broad range to complete or upgrade your pro 

Batteries allow the storage of electricity collected by solar panels for use at times when the demand is greater than what is available from your connected PV system due to all manner of conditions including extended cloud coverage, snow, solar-eclipse and sunset.

Whether you require a battery to keep a tunnels lights operating all night long in the event of a power outage, your off grid refrigerator operating or simply to recharge your phone we are ready to help.

SPNZ offers various batteries based on different chemistries :

  • Lead Based (including SLA and AGM)
  • Ni-MH (including rechargeable AA and AAA)
  • Lithium Based (including rechargeable 18650, RC123)

Contact us for advice regarding the chemistry, form factor and voltage advice your project.