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WSKEN X-Cable mini 2 (MicoUSB, Lighting and USB-C)


WSKEN X-Cable mini 2 (MicoUSB, Lighting and USB-C)

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SOLD OUT! - We will arrange stock on request.

If you are looking to place an order for this specific cable, just let us know or place an order and expect a delay with regards delivery of this item. If there are any issues with fulfilment we will let you know ASAP and offer a full refund.

The latest WSKEN high speed magnetic cable is the X1 Pro. If you are seeking rapid charging with a magnetic cable, then this is the best choice if you have not invested in the mini-2 tips and cables in the past.


The WSKEN range of magnetic cables make connecting to your device safe, quick and reliable. This WSKEN Mini 3 in 1 kit includes Lightning, USB-C and MicroUSB tips for coverage across a wide range of devices.

  • 1 x Lightning tip
  • 1 x microUSB  tip
  • 1 x USB-C tip
  • 1 x compatible magnetic cable
  • Lighting tip is designed for use with Apple phones, tablets and iPods
  • The MicroUSB and USB-C tips are designed for use with Samsung phones, tablets and other devices which feature a MicroUSB or USB-C connector
  • Cable length 1M


  • Supports Samsung quick charging when used with appropriate USB power source.
  • High speed charging of iOS and other devices which use the Apple Lightning connection when used with appropriate USB power source.


 WSKEN NZ Charge and Sync 3 in 1 cable USB-C, microUSB, lighting (Apple)



WSKEN Black Magnetic Cable (with indicator light) New Zealand 

 WSKEN traded magnetic 3 in 1 cable NZ




WSKEN magnetic cable error proof installation New Zealand microUSB, USB-C, Lighting (Apple) iPhone

WSKEN magnetic cable gold plated pins


WSKEN strong magnetic cable

Note : The phones and other equipment shown in the images is for clarity and usage examples and is not included with the purchase of this cable.





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