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WSKEN X-Cable mini 2 (MicoUSB and Lighting)


WSKEN X-Cable mini 2 (MicoUSB and Lighting)

$26.00 + GST
15% GST within NZ: $29.90


Please consider the triple tip option (now on sale) :

The WSKEN range of magnetic cables make connecting to your device safe, quick and reliable. This WSKEN Mini Lightning and MicroUSB Magnetic cable includes :

  • 1 x Lightning tip
  • 1 x microUSB  tip
  • 1 x compatible magnetic cable


  • Lighting tip is designed for use with Apple phones, tablets and iPods
  • The MicroUSB tip is designed for use with Samsung phones, tablets and other devices which feature a MicroUSB connector
  • Cable length 1M


  • Supports Samsung quick charging when used with appropriate USB power source.
  • High speed charging of iOS and other devices which use the Apple Lightning connection when used with appropriate USB power source.


Wsken X-Cable min 2 (with Lighting and MicroUSB) tips.




WSKEN MicroUSB magnetic cable 



WSKEN MicroUSB Magnetic Cable

Note : The phones and other equipment shown in the images is for clarity and usage examples and is not included with the purchase of this cable.


If you require USB-C, we offer a fully compatible triple magnetic tip cable.



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