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Voltaic V50 Portable USB Battery


Voltaic V50 Portable USB Battery

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The V50 USB Battery Pack features 12,800mAh and is the ideal portable power bank for smartphones, tablets, and other USB electronics including DSLR cameras with optional USB charging cradle (
contact us with regards your camera model).

  • Optimized to Charge from Solar. 
  • Pass Through Charging
  • Dual USB Ports
  • Standard Always On Feature for IoT and Time-Lapse Projects

An ideal external battery for tablets and handheld electronics. Features two USB output ports.



Battery Modes : 

Please see the following blog post for specific modes which the V15, V25, V44 and V50 all feature. Including always on mode and auto off mode. Switching between auto on and auto off modes requires depressing the power button (and keeping it depressed) for approximately six seconds until all the status LED's blink repeatedly. It is possible to check the current mode when the unit is on by pressing the power button twice very quickly. If the unit turns off, then you are in auto power off mode. If the unit remains on, then you are in always on mode. 




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