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USB AA/AAA Charger

Solar Panels New Zealand

USB AA/AAA Charger

$18.00 + GST
15% GST within NZ: $20.70

Charges both AA and AAA rechargeable batteries (NiMh only such as the eneloop batteries which we also offer). The extra feature is that the AA's batteries may be used to charge your smartphone or other USB device.

Batteries are not included.


USB AA charger how it works




Charge Times:

  • Charge time for 2300mAh AA Ni-MH battery from USB supply: 13 hours
  • Charge time for 2300mAh AA Ni-MH battery from 2W solar panel: 8.5 hours
  • *NOTE* Charge times vary based on mAh capacity of the battery
  • *NOTE* Batteries and other accessories shown in images are for illustrative purposes and are not included.  

Output Charge Rate for cell phone / USB device:

  • 5V DC 300mA

Size and Weight

  • Weight: 1.7oz (48.2g)
  • Length while collapsed (no batteries): 2.6in (6.5cm) 
  • Length while open for AAA batteries: 3.4in (8.6cm)
  • Length while open for AA batteries: 3.7in (9.3cm)
  • Width: 1.5in (3.9cm)

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