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Solar PV 15A Electric Hotwater Electrical Diversion System

Solar Panels New Zealand

Solar PV 15A Electric Hotwater Electrical Diversion System

$1,500.00 + GST
15% GST within NZ: $1,725.00

Use Solar Power energy available (in real time) and divert this power to your hot water cylinder. As soon as a cloud comes by or the power is no longer available this unit will automatically stop until the power is again  available.


Power may be sent to your hot water cylinder in increments of 50w, and in a range from 50w through to 3000w. Most typical NZ hot water cylinders are rated at around 2500w, so this system can supply more than enough power to cater for 99% of typical NZ hot water cylinders.


If your cylinder has a larger element (eg more than 3000w) then the system will work fine with that also, just it will take a little longer to heat because its maximum output capacity will be slightly lower.


Solar PV Hot Water Diversion 15A NZ


Fully compatible with most existing or new on-grid / on-grid hybrid systems and even some off-grid systems which use electricity to heat hot water in a tank. 

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