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MagSafe 2 Adapter - Male 5.5x2.5mm

Solar Panels New Zealand

MagSafe 2 Adapter - Male 5.5x2.5mm

$20.00 + GST
15% GST within NZ: $23.00

Adapter: Connects from output cable of V72 Laptop Battery to post-June-2012 MacBooks.

Compatibility : Charges MacBooks manufactured after June 2012 which feature the MagSafe 2 power input socket.


If you are using this with a V72 battery, then confirm that the voltage output switch of the Voltaic V72 Laptop Battery (12V, 16V, or 19V) matches the voltage output of your AC wall charger as closely as possible. The MacBook Pro Retina may need to charge while asleep or turned off.

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