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Bat Safe LiPo Battery Charging Safe Box

Batt Safe

Bat Safe LiPo Battery Charging Safe Box

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If you’re into drones, FPV or RC, then you have lithium batteries. They are an integral part of the hobby and as power demands increase so does the size and energy storage of the batteries.

It may be rare, but there is always a chance for a Lipo to catch fire, especially if damaged or overcharged. That is why all manufacturers caution to charge only while attended.

However, not every accident can be avoided, and for that, there is the BAT-SAFE Battery Safe Box.

The BAT-SAFE Box is an insulated double-wall steel box designed by an aerospace engineer. The smoke and nasty soot created by a Lipo fire are filtered through a steel and fiberglass flame arrestor which also reduced the heat of the exhaust. Instead of completely sealing the container like an Army supply box which makes the fire more intense and pressurized, the BAT-SAFE Box box safely vents the heat and smoke in a controlled manner.

The BAT-SAFE Box is great for charging, storing, and transporting Lipos as well. There is a magnetic stand that attaches to the top of the box to place your charger. After that, connect your wires through the grommet and plug in your Lipo!

If you want a larger bat-safe check out the bat-safe XL! 

You should never leave batteries charging unattended. Protect your home and make sure you never have a fire that could destroy the fun of your hobby. 

View this video bellow to see the benefits:

Note: If you order this we will try and package your other goods inside the box to save on freight costs.


  • Designed by engineers and RC enthusiast
  • Charging, storing and transporting LiPos
  • Fireproof battery safe 
  • Double steel insulated walls
  • Fiberglass and steel wool filter 
  • Stops flames and intense smoke
  • Easy to use latch and seal
  • Fire collar grommet for wires to connect from charger to battery
  • Magnetically attached mount for the charger 
  • Piece of mind when charging your batteries
  • Lightweight with carrying handle


  • Size: 300 x 220 x 160mm 
  • Internal measurements: 240 x 165 x 80mm
  • Weight: 1920g


  • 1 x Bat-Safe Battery box
  • 1 x Battery charger stand

Perfect for charging at home, in the office, at the field or on a shoot. Paired with a large lead acidlead carbon, or for portability a protected Li-Po battery such as the V88 from Voltaic Systems.

We are able to assist with custom Pelican cases to hold your charger and larger battery and battery safe all in a wheeled or carried portable solution.

We are also able to assist with providing mains to DC power supplies to meet your charging needs as well as battery to charger DC power leads and fuse box’s for safety. Contact us to discuss your charging needs.


Please note that just the Battery Safe and Charging Stand is included. Batteries, chargers and other items showed in the picture are for illustrative purposes. We are able to supply XT60 to XT30 adapters XT60 and balance extension Leads for 3S, 4S and 6S LiPo packs. Other extension types are available but delivery time may also be available. Reach out for availability of accessories and chargers.



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