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24V LED Tape -  Natural White - 15 watts per meter

Solar Panels New Zealand

24V LED Tape - Natural White - 15 watts per meter

$40.00 + GST $45.00
15% GST within NZ: $46.00

  • 3M adhesive backing
  • Pricing is per meter (sold on reels up to 5M per reel)
  • Samsung LED's
  • 70 LED's per meter
  • 10mm (wide)

Constant voltage LED Strip Lighting. 

Advantages of using the constant current topology:

  •   Avoids over driving LEDs and improves reliability
  •   Achieves more consistent brightness along the strip and also between different LED strips

We offer a range of drivers, batteries and charge controllers to assist with your projects. Please just reach out. We are also able to custom fabricate strips with aluminium profile and optional plastic diffusers to your specfications complete with easy plug and play sockets and plugs.


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