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Solar Inverters

Mains Solar Inverters take an input of DC (direct current) and output AC (alternating current).  Many mains inverters also boost or reduce voltage from a battery system or solar array to 240V AC. An important feature which grid connected solar inverters perform is to synchronise their AC output with the grids AC output.

There are a number of different types of solar inverters which SPNZ offers.


  • Stand Alone Inverter (mains output)

When power mains devices either directly from solar panels or more typically from a battery bank is required a stand alone inverter is used to increase the voltage to 240V and to change the DC current to AC current. These are isolated systems and are not connected to the power grid. There is a range of sizes and types depending upon the intended usage. Entry level units will provide mains electricity to power small devices from a car cigarette lighter. The next step up will be a device which will power a refrigerator, heat water or other higher drain applications and are typically used in an RV or remote off grid location.


  • Grid Tie Solar Inverters (mains output)
Electricity generated by one or more solar panels may be feed onto a connected power grid (winding the meter back) with the use of a grid tie solar inverter. If you have a project which is grid connected then typically the least expensive approach to adding solar power to is by using one or more grid tie inverters and then using power from the grid when your demand exceeds your solar production. Grid tie inverters will be configured to switch off during a power cut. They do not offer back up battery power.


  • Battery Backup Inverters / Intelligent Hybrid Inverter / Smart Grid Inverter  
A combination of grid tie and standalone. Offering the best of both worlds but typially with a higher price point.
Regardless of weather you know exactly which components you require or if you are require assistance with building your system we are ready to assist. Contact us for advice and trade pricing.