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Installation and Safety Equipment

Equipment to ensure installation is straight forward and safe no matter the scale of your project.

  • Climbing, Lifting, Lighting and Safety Equipment
    • rope
    • pulleys
    • carabinas
    • harnesess
    • ascenders¬†
  • Electrical Equipment
    • wire
    • crimping tools
    • solder, portable soldering irons, soldering stations, heat guns, heat shrink
    • shrink wrap and other insulation consumables
    • ferrules, ring terminals
    • sockets and plugs (for easy connect and disconnect of cables)
    • modular snap together wires / adapters
    • fuses
    • fuse boxes
    • multimeters, long term power usage meters
    • multi tools, screw drivers, portable power tools (e.g. drills)
  • Panel Mounting Hardware
    • pannel rails
    • drill bits
    • sealing solutions