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ETFE Solar Panels

ETFE flexible folder gopro lights portable sla solar solar folder usb v72

A key benefit of ETFE (Ethylene Tetrafluoroethylene) coated solar panels is that they are ultra lightweight yet durable. This is why the range of Voltaic Systems portable Solar Folders feature an ETFE coating which provides a 2mm thin (yet UV resistant) layer of protection. The result is an ultra compact (foldable) solar based electrical power source.

Voltaic Systems ETFE solar folder charger for laptops, batteries, cameras and USB devices. Chain them together for increased current / voltage output.


The range of Voltaic Systems portable ETFE coated solar folders feature monocrystalline cells which offer excellent efficiency in terms of light to electricity conversion.

charging phone from the sun

Another advantage of ETFE coated panels is that dirt, dust and many other pollutants are is less likely to contaminate the surface of the panels; furthermore when this kind of contamination occurs water or a damp cloth (or some rain) will typically remove these particles which would otherwise block sunlight from reaching the solar panels.

You will find that just like glass or urethane coated solar panels, ETFE coated panles will be able to charge or power a wide range of devices directly from the sun, while also offering the flexibility of charging a battery bank in order to power or charge devices during evening hours. Probably the most important advantage of  ETFE over glass or urethane protection is the reduced weight and thickness (typically less than 5mm) of protective coating.

The increased demand which we have seen for off grid, ultra portable renewable power is now in large part met by the developments and the lowered price point of the Voltaic Systems ETFE coated solar charge folders. We expect that many other companies will also soon offer ETFE coated solar systems in the future as the advantages for portable solar are numerous.

If you would like to learn how these panels are able to assist you with your portable energy requirements or if you would like details on customised panels for a particular application, then contact us and we will do our best to assist.

Other coating types do have advantages in certain situations. For example when a panel is going to experience lateral stress due to mounting, then a flexible panel or an aluminium backed panel may be a better option.

waterproof 6W solar panel with aluminium backing with urethane coating - featuring plastic edge mounts to allow easy webbing to connect to kayak.  waterproof 17W Solar Panel allows charging of various batteries including lead acid (SLA) deep cycle marine batteries.

ultra thin yet robust flexible solar panel with mono crystalline cells which are perfect for curved surface such as tent, yurt, RV and marine roof top mounting.

Contact us today for guidance on cables, adapters, solar charge controllers, panels and energy storage systems. The world offers many unique adventures. Our clients include people and teams visiting New Zealand, New Zealand residents traveling (within cities and off the grid) as well as people heading overseas on science, camping, cycling, film and photography adventures. 

ETEF coating technology is making it possible to reduce the size and weight of packs and products while offing high UV resistance for high reliability during extended outdoor usage.

We are ready to help you power your adventure anywhere the sun is shining and with our wide range of lights to light your adventures we are also able to assist you to see the campsite on starlit evenings or your ropes in deep dark caves.

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